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Who is Omke Jan?

Omke Jan loves company, and folk poppin’ in.


Omke Jan?

Omke Jan loves company, and folk poppin’ in (‘folk om ’e doar’). He knows his way around and everyone he comes across. Traders, farmers and fellow villagers always know where to find him. Omke Jan loves the good life. He’s a real treasure who trusts his guests, and likes nothing better than making people happy. Anyone who enters his home can expect a warm welcome with good food, tall stories, and easy socialising.


Omke Jan did actually exist. Jan Bles (1887 – 1969) was a merchant, trader in dairy cattle, and great-uncle of founder, Jan Bles. Omke Jan was a man with a big heart, a vision of the future, and deep love for Frisian culture. So, the perfect source of inspiration for a place that is as warm and sincere as the man himself.

Making connections

Every lover of the good life is a friend of Omke Jan. Omke Jan is a magnet for fans of the good life, who come to enjoy real, pure food. Omke Jan’s front door is open to the whole village: farmers’ markets, local and tourist events, workshops and educational activities for children are all welcome. This keeps the locals involved with Omke Jan.

He likes to welcome new friends, so come on in for a drink, and get acquainted with Omke Jan.

Omke Jan and food

Omke Jan has brought lots of people into contact with one another during his long and fruitful life. That’s exactly what is happening right now in Iewâl. Omke Jan is worried that the gulf between farmers and ordinary citizens is growing wider, So at Omke Jan’s, everybody sits down together at the same table.