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Who are we?

Omke Jan is run by manager Jesper van't Westende and chef Ruben Schippers.


Who are we?

Jesper van’t Westende is the manager of Omke Jan

Together with a team of enthusiastic employees, we ensure that everyone feels welcome at Omke Jan.

Our chef is Ruben Schippers.
Ruben is close to nature. Working with local products and working closely with the farmers in our area brings out the best in him.
Enjoy the beautiful pure flavors that Ruben serves on the plate together with the kitchen brigade.


Omke Jan’s cooking philosophy is farm-to-table cooking. Food without frills, but sizzling tasty. Traditional cooking with products directly from the farmers in the area.
Omke Jan wants things to be simple again, and that’s a vision we share. We too can see the demand for honest, recognisable food of the highest quality. It’s a great challenge that we’re more than happy to accept.

We maintain close contacts with local farmers. It not only gives us access to fantastic products, it provides us with an opportunity to learn as much as possible about their way of working. That’s knowledge we like to pass on. It explains why we’re also committed to nutritional education for children, for example.