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Food and drinks

Omke Jan likes good honest food without frills.

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Food and drinks

Omke Jan likes good honest food without frills, so expect tasty authentic dishes in our restaurant. Recognisable food, prepared with as many products as possible directly from local farmers. The seasons determine what the farmers can supply, and what we serve. Down-to-earth honest and delicious!


The open kitchen is the territory of chef Ruben Schippers and his team. In the middle of the restaurant, there is a modern wood oven where guests are welcome to gather and watch ancient techniques such as grilling, fermenting and baking.


Everything from the kitchen of Omke Jan is fresh, authentic and real. Dishes include beetroot salad with herring, baked potato with sour cream and bacon, fried beef shoulder, vegetable pie from the wood oven, and grilled fish. We also serve home-made apple pie, toasted sandwiches with rich fillings, and good bread.

Changing dishes

Omke Jan’s menu reflects the changing seasons. When farmers can supply us with something fresh from the farm, we transform it into a delicious dish.


As a lover of the good life, Omke Jan likes to serve good wine and good beer.
Our wine and beer menu changes regularly. For example, we always have a varied range of local craft beer for you to enjoy, as well as standard quality beers. We source our wines from traditional European winemakers. Omke Jan is a great believer in good wine being available for everyone to enjoy, so even our premium wines have a friendly price.

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Opening hours

We are open from Wednesday till Friday from 4 pm and Saturday and Sunday from 11 am.
We are closend on Monday and Tuesday.

If you have a question, please send us an email at or call us at +31 (0)514 855 026.

Omke Jan's partners

Everything from the kitchen of Omke Jan is fresh, authentic and real.

De Kempenaer

De Kempenaer from Echtenerbrug breeds chicken and pork in the most animal-friendly way.

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De Gouden Boaiem

An organic family farm that keeps Jersey cows on a nature island near Woudsend.

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Freerk Visserman

The last professional fisherman in Heeg, who fishes sustainably and is helping increase eel stocks. 

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Boer Bart

A local farmer who keeps chickens, cows and pigs with respect for the environment and animal welfare.

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Molen ’t Lam

The oldest flour mill in Friesland, ‘t Lam grinds organic grain in Woudsend using traditional methods.

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Romke Schaap

Modern dairy farmer with respect for cows. If the cow is happy, Romke is happy too. Romke is very concerned about the health and welfare of his cows.

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Kwekerij Trimpe

Market gardener in Koudum known for Koudumer beans and cauliflowers. 

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